How to Select a Pair of Men Jeans That Look Good and Feel Comfortable


The importance and love for a decent pair of jeans are known only when you have had an encounter with an immoral pair of jeans. The perfect pair of denim in a man’s wardrobe is like a holy grail. No matter, what the event is, be it a casual outing, black-tie event, date night, etc. a comfortable and stylish pair of jeans always come to the rescue. However, with every passing year, the trends and styles of wearing denim have evolved. This is the reason that most men often find it hard getting hands on the stylish and comfortable pair of jeans.

Buying a nice pair of jeans is a simple task yet complicated if you have little knowledge about it. There are various aspects that you need to take care of like body type, weight, jean wash, details, the perfect fit, style of the jean, and much more. Thus, to avoid any confusion and end up wasting your money, we have come up with a super simple yet effective guide to buy a stylish as well as comfortable pair of jeans.

Know about different denim fits for men


Before heading to the guide, it is essential to know about different denim fits. This will help you know which type of denim is perfect for your body.

  • Skinny jeans – This is the latest jean trend which has created a lot of buzz in the market. The style of such type of denim fit is tight as well as with tapered leg opening. You will find them as mid-rise along with zipper fly. It is skinny starting hip to hem.

These aren’t suitable for thicker peoples, as it can be too close-fitting. Even though many people advise skinny guys wear oversized clothes to balance out their frame, jeans should always be selected according to the figure. These will definitely make you look stylish. Hope this helps in your understanding about the meaning of skinny fit jeans and what is skinny fit.


  • Regular fit jeans – These jeans offer a straight fit starting from knee to hem. Also, it has a large leg opening and comes as mid-rise. You will find its straight fit from hip to thigh.

Regular fit jeans are regularly worn by guys who are not too vast boned or thin. Out of different men’s body types, people who are neither too skinny nor too thick generally choose regular jeans.


  • Slim fit jeans – This type of jeans comes under the category of not too tight and not too loose. It comes with mid-rise and zip fly. It is straight from the hip area, slim around the thighs, and narrower leg opening.


  • Relaxed fit jeans – relaxed fit jeans is Another famous denim jeans. It offers a loose fit starting from the waist till the leg opening. This jean fit is not body hugging and is very comfortable.

Relaxed fit jeans are ideal for those who have thick thighs as it gives them a comfortable fit. It gives you extra space around the waist. The Relaxed fit jeans mean it prevents them from sweating too much, which can lead to inconvenient rashes if worn for too long.


  • Low rise jeans – What is Low Rise Jeans? The “rise” on any jeans is measured by the distance between the crotch and the waist. Low-rise means jeans that usually sit below the waist and are generally worn by thin people. Low rise jeans are one of the finest clothes today.


  • Loose fit jeans – Loose fit or baggy fit offers great space around the thigh, legs, and butt area of men. It is great for you if you have a heavy lower body.


A complete guide on how to pick the best pair of jeans 

Finding the most comfortable jeans for yourself involves a lot of errors and trials. But to simplify your task, here is a complete guide to picking the best pair of jeans that is comfortable but at the same time stylish and suits your body type:

  • For thin men – Starting with thin body type, if you have such body type then it is likely for you to have a flat build, flat chest, as well as thin legs. The best type of jeans for thin men is straight-fit jeans with low rise. It will look great on your body without highlighting the undefined legs much.

Say no to which jean style – Knowing about which jeans to choose is great but at the same time, you should be aware of which jean style to say no to. If you have a thin body type then it is better to stay away from baggy jeans, skinny jeans, as well as high-rise jeans. These jeans don’t flatter your body type.


  • For wide hip men– Having heavy hips are fascinating but a bane as well. If you are a wide hip man then you need a pair of denim which has equal leg width starting from hip till hem. Thus, it is imperative to choose a jean fit such as a relaxed fit that doesn’t have stretch and is comfortable. Also, you can go for straight-leg jeans with high rise as offer equal width. You can also opt for loose jeans for comfortable and casual wear.

Say no to which jean style – The type of jeans which you should never buy are skinny jeans which have a feminine silhouette and low-rise jeans as they will highlight your lower body.


  • For muscular men– Are you a gym lover? If yes, then you are somebody with big legs and a heavy upper body. To look stylish and at the same time comfortable, opting for regular-fit jeans with wide legs will look amazing on you. However, take care that the pockets of the jeans should be big and close to each other so that your back looks small.

Say no to which jean style – It is not essential for every jean fit to look good on you. Thus, try saying no to boot-cut jeans as it will make you look heavier than before. Also, avoid wearing skinny jeans because it will make you look heavier.


  • For athletic men– Athletic men are known to have muscular legs as well as buttocks. However, they have a slim waist. If you fall under this category then wearing slim-fit jeans, straight fit jeans, low rise jeans, as well as boot cut jeans will accentuate your body.

Say no to which jean style – The type of jeans which you should not keep in your wardrobe or buy are baggy jeans and wide-leg jeans as they will hide the muscular legs and will make you look bigger than actually.


  • For large waist men– Being a plus-size man doesn’t mean you can’t have your perfect fit or comfortable jeans. You just need the right guidance. To have a comfortable fit with large thighs, calves, etc. It is better for you to go for loose-fit jeans with a straight cut. You can even opt for relaxed jeans.

Say no to which jean style – With a large waist you should avoid wearing skinny jeans and flared jeans as it will make you look wider.



There is always a perfect fit for every type of man which is why you shouldn’t give up on finding comfortable and stylish jeans. The above-mentioned guide is super simple to follow and tells you about what to buy and what to avoid. Also, there are certainly other factors that you can ponder upon while buying jeans such as weight, color, stretch, fabric, jean wash, and much more.

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