Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2022


Every year new fashion trends come and beat the old fashions. For the fashionistas, it is really important to stay updated and showcase. The latest fashion trends to make a trendy statement in the circle. However, it is not always important to blindly follow every trend. Sometimes, it doesn’t go with your style of fashion and end up making you look like a poorly dressed person. Therefore, it is important to strike a fine balance between your style and embracing any fashion trend.

To keep you in the right direction and look stylish in 2022, we have compiled a list of the best fashion trends to embrace in 2022 without thinking twice.

Vertical style – It is always fun when math gets involved with fashion. Vertical style or vertical strips is gaining a lot of love from men. This trend is meant for everyone but the men with heavier sides can go for it blindly. The vertical stripes play a trick with your eyes by making you look thinner as well as taller. You can either go for vertical stripes shirts or t-shirts but it is essential to go for thick stripes as compared to think stripes. The reason behind, it is difficult to focus on thin stripes and won’t create an illusion.


How it will amplify your look – Wearing vertical stripe shirts with denim is great for a casual look and wearing it with trousers is perfect for formal wear. It is simply going to cover your flaws.

Florals all day and every day – Who said florals are just meant for women? There are some trends which are going to take over men’s fashion with a storm and florals are one of them. The nice floral prints were also famous in 2021 and they are going to rule 2022 as well. You can either go for floral shirts or t-shirts. This is the best and safest way to refresh your wardrobe and add a fun element. Whether you are going out on a brunch, sundowner, or a vacation, floral prints for men are surely going to be a head-turner.


How it will amplify your look – Wearing floral shirts or t-shirts with nice denim or trouser can work for any occasion, you only need to have confidence.

Colors are back in again – You don’t have to rely on boring and neutral colors anymore. Colors are back in again this year and are just your light up your wardrobe and your life. However, it is essential to be a little careful with bright colors. Only choose those colorful shirts and t-shirts which go with your personality and complexion. You can pair them with a jacket or blazer as well.


How it will amplify your look – Colorful shirts and t-shirts can go with every type or color of denim. Just carry them with style.

Shades of denim – Experimenting with various shades of denim is always a good idea. Dark shades of denim cannot always go with your top wear which is why having other shades of denim is highly essential. Plus, lighter shades of denim are so much in trend in 2022. You can simply opt for casual as well as semi-formal wear.


How it will amplify your look – Light shades of denim can be worn with anything like a shirt, t-shirt, high neck sweater, etc., and will look amazing.

Varsity jackets – These types of jackets have made their entry into the fashion trends in 2022 for men unexpectedly. Also, varsity jackets had a bit of transformation which is why it is going to suit your personality no matter what. You can simply wear it to a casual brunch, boy’s trip, or dinner date. It fits in every casual occasion.


How it will amplify your look – These jackets can be paired with a pair of denim as well as trousers. It is going to add a nice touch to the whole look.

Commando shoes will be in trend – It is likely to rule the world of athleisure category in 2022. These shoes have hiking rubber soles that have become quite popular among millennials. Be it chunky pair of sneakers, or winter boots one can find out the designs and styles inspired by commando shoes this year.


How it will amplify your look – The pair of commando shoes can be worn with a pair of dark denim and a tee shirt/shirt to create an adventurous or bold look. A leather jacket above is going to be an added advantage.

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion – In 2022, sustainable and ethical fashion will become more popular. They are likely to set the trend. Since people are now keener towards the environment and moral values that talk about fair wages, climate, no sweat policy, justified working hours, organic fabrics, and long-lasting fashion, the year is going to change the market dynamics big time.


Oversized and Relaxed Clothes – Well, fitted clothes are replaced largely by oversized and relaxed ones lately. In 2022, there will a boom for comfortable, oversized, and relaxed shirts, denim, sweaters, jerseys, and jackets.


How it will amplify your look – You can wear an oversized jumper with a plain pair of regular trousers. Similarly, you can pair an oversized tee with a regular pair of men’s jeans or pants to look trendy and upbeat during the summer season.

Checks – No matter what year it is, Checks have always been in a trend some way or the other. However, the color and pattern of the checks keep on changing. In 2022, it will be Black Watch Tartan, windowpane, and buffalo to watch out for. These checks are going to rule the year and one can flaunt them in multiple ways.


How it will amplify your look – One of the simplest ways to get them right is to pick a flannel shirt or an over shirt to pair it with denim or trousers.

Multiple pockets are back – We all used to wear cargo trousers with multiple pockets. However, a couple of years back, multiple pocketed trousers lost the charm and were considered very uncool. But, this year, they are back in the game and trend. Some of the premium brands such as Brunello Cucinelli and Barena have amplified the cargos style quotient again. With multiple pockets cargos right from the house of premium brands, one can amplify the fashion statement in 2022.


How it will amplify your look – You can pair a multi-pocketed cargo with a pair of shirts or tee to amplify your casual look during the summer season.


The world of fashion keeps on changing every year. Every year comes with some new trends to reckon with and flaunt. We have got you covered with the prominent ones in 2022 to keep you ahead of all by wearing the best of all.

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